Don’t let your Software Project Keep You Up At Night

In your business, you’ve got a lot to handle. You have marketing initiatives, payroll, product roadmaps, investors, board members and a thousand other obligations with problems that must be solved.

Don’t let product development be the area that holds your business back. With competitors launching new features every day, don’t let opportunities go by while your product development is waiting in the wings.

I’m a reliable and experienced Ruby on Rails development consultant who can help you find ways to leverage your development to generate more revenue rather than cause you more stress and frustration.

How I Do It


Always wondering what your developers are up to? You’ll receive timely communication from me about project status and task updates so you are not left wondering your development status. I am experienced in agile methodologies and project tracking software like Basecamp, Pivotal Tracker and Trello.

I have experience working remotely as well, so I understand the complications of collaborating remotely on a project and have developed processes to provide good communication when working remotely.


Do you need someone who can see the bigger picture? While I understand the tradeoffs between the latest concurrent programming languages like Go and Rust, I also have the knowledge to understand how different technology initiatives may affect your bottom line. My unique background in business and development means that I can read a Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Cash Flow Statement and understand how software can be leveraged to affect your business.


While my service includes software development, I will guide you through the technical waters of development where questions arise often. Should we rebuild this application? Is this technical feasible? I will provide my understanding of the latest best practices and current knowledge of available platforms and technology. I strive hard to remain up to date on the latest news and understanding in the software community.

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