Below is a small sampling over projects I have worked on as an independent developer. There have been many more. If you would like to find out more, feel free to contact me directly.



Work Performed: Extensive full-stack custom Ruby on Rails and Backbone.js development.
Technologies Used: HAML, SASS, Ruby on Rails, Backbone, jQuery

Surfbreak Rentals

Surfbreak Rentals - HAML - SASS - Rails 4

Work Performed: I provided the front-end implementation of a new design for key pages of this web application.
Technologies Used: HAML, SASS, Rails 4, Backbone, jQuery

Abriiz by Ideomed

Abriiz by Ideomed

Work Performed: I helped develop new features for their web version of the personal healthcare product Abriiz.
Technologies Used: HAML, SASS, Rails 3 & 4, RSpec

Elevator Up

Work Performed: I was a backend developer for a year-and-a-half for a small software consultancy.
Technologies Used: Rails 3 & 4, JavaScript, Backbone, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Cucumber and RSpec
Clients Included: American Bible Society, TechStreet, CodeGuard, Baker Publishing Group


Work Performed: Integrated social login for website for Facebook and Google accounts and implemented star rating system for rating users.
Technologies Used: Rails 3, Facebook and Google APIs

FitSteady (now Wellshift)

Work Performed: Integrated Stripe recurring payment processing with Devise authentication system
Technologies Used: Rails 3, Stripe API